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  2. the·sis
    theses (plural noun)
    1. a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved:
      "his central thesis is that psychological life is not part of the material world"
      synonyms: theory · contention · argument · line of argument ·
      • (in Hegelian philosophy) a proposition forming the first stage in the process of dialectical reasoning. Compare with antithesis, synthesis.
    2. a long essay or dissertation involving personal research, written by a candidate for a college degree:
      "a doctoral thesis"
    3. prosody
      an unstressed syllable or part of a metrical foot in Greek or Latin verse. Often contrasted with arsis.
    late Middle English (sense 3): via late Latin from Greek, literally ‘placing, a proposition,’ from the root of tithenai ‘to place.’
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