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    Antonym or Synonym? A great way to build the foundation skills that today's elementary school curriculum requires. These learning games and songs are fun.

  2. Scarcity dictionary definition | scarcity defined


    An example of scarcity is when there is only a tiny amount of a crop produced because of drought and there is not enough to feed the whole town.

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    Free online word search puzzle maker--instantly make word search puzzles using your words!

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    Use these spelling homework ideas to give your students a variety of fun ways to practice new spelling words.

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    © 2010 www.spelling-words-well.com All Rights Reserved. 40 Fabulous Spelling Homework Ideas from www.spelling-words-well.com page two Remember: Spelling homework not ...

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    Activity: 1* Triangle spell each of your spelling words. You may print all words except the final word which must be in cursive. 2* Write a hint that will help ...

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    READTHEORY Answers and Explanations © Copyright Read Theory LLC, 2012.

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    Infoplease Sources. Video Library. A large collection of informational and educational videos from animals and landmarks to language arts and history.

  9. RReeaaddiinngg nCCoommpprreehheenssiioonn 22 Level 5

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    © Copyright Read Theory LLC, 2012. All rights reserved. 3 Answers and Explanations 1) B In the first and last paragraphs, we learn that the phrase “once in a blue ...

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    This vocabulary lesson plan incorporates some of my favorite strategies for teaching vocabulary and can be modified for nearly any age group. Instead of just having ...