1. The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press


    Edward Tufte home page for books, posters, sculpture, fine art and one-day course: Presenting Data and Information

  2. Graphics - Wikipedia


    The earliest graphics known to anthropologists studying prehistoric periods are cave paintings and markings on boulders, bone, ivory, and antlers, which were created ...

  3. Graphics.com


    Graphics.com brings you daily graphics and design news, articles and inspiration.

  4. Pixar Graphics Technologies


    Open Source API and interchange format for editorial timeline information.

  5. ID 797 - History of Computer Graphics and Animation


    Note: This web site is an accompaniment to the AC732 history course at ACCAD, and therefore may seem slightly Ohio State - centric... it may well ...

  6. Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources


    This page provides an annotated, topic-based collection of available resources for statistics, statistical graphics, and computation related to research, data ...

  7. http://www.mntransfer.org/

  8. Drawing Vector Graphics - Lynda.com


    Join professional illustrative designer Von Glitschka as he shares his experience on how to research, sketch, build, and present vector graphics.

  9. Arena Animation Students Work in Animation, VFX, Graphics ...


    Arena Animation allows students to share their latest work as videos, graphics and illustration. Check out the gallery of students work on www.arena-animation.com

  10. Kennesaw State University


    As one of the South's most innovative institutions in teaching and learning, Kennesaw State University offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees across two ...